Our Mission
The mission of Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (DTSBDC) is to create and perform new modern dance choreographies that sensitively illuminate our multi-faceted American landscape. DTSBDC’s repertory focuses on identity in the context of historical events and personal stories, thereby bridging cultures and connecting shared human experiences. Through performance, touring and educational programming, the company engages the community in Washington, DC and the world at large.

Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company continues to explore, as Burgess was recently quoted, “an underlying inter-connectedness” of all people.

Dancers in the company come from diverse backgrounds – Colombian, Chilean, Irish, Korean, Filipino, and Peruvian. As Washington, D.C.’s leading modern dance company, DTSBDC has a long history of artistic dialogue and partnerships with such organizations as the Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC Public Schools, The George Washington University, world-renowned museums and the Smithsonian Institution.

The company’s current educational partners include Episcopal High School, Georgetown Day School and School Without Walls. DTSBDC directs the dance program at Episcopal Day School and the summer dance program at Georgetown Day School.

As a U.S. State Department cultural envoy, the company has toured extensively both nationally and internationally to countries including Egypt, Israel, Korea, China, India, Mongolia, Venezuela, Germany, Latvia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Cambodia, the British Virgin Islands and Suriname, among others. The company has also performed at the White House at the invitation of President and First Lady Obama.

Most recently, DTSBDC was the first dance company in residence at the National Portrait Gallery and continues to be in residence at the Kreeger Museum since January, 2015. Burgess created the recent work “Revenant Elegy” as part of the National Gallery of Art’s 2013 exhibition about Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, and premiered it alongside other pieces at the Kennedy Center in 2014.

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